A Talk with Dominick Evans



Dominick Evans is in his early 30s. Born in Ohio, he grew up a child of the 80s and 90s, with a love for music, film and immensely enjoying the culture of his youth. An avid singer, Dominick started taking voice lessons in 1990. He was taught to sing, at age 2, by his grandmother, Noonie, a former singer on the radio. Dominick wanted to be an actor for many years and he took acting classes through the Toledo Franciscan Life Center, his high school, and Bowling Green State University. He was in several musicals throughout his youth and even performed as the narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, his high school musical.

In 2003, Dominick was forced to leave Wright State University, where he was studying Theatre and Political Science, following an injury that left him stuck in bed on and off for seven years. In 2010, he returned to Wright State, after eight years in Michigan. He briefly attended the University of Michigan (Flint campus) where he spent a year studying Theatre and Acting. When he returned to Wright State, he changed his major to Motion Pictures Production and set out to receive a degree as a filmmaker. Dominick will receive a BFA in Motion Picture Production in May 2014 and a BA in Political Science shortly thereafter.

Dominick is an avid filmmaker, who just completed his first film, Trip. He is in pre-production for his next film, Inamorata, and has feature film scripts in development. Dominick loves to direct films and works exclusively with his writing partner, screenwriter, Ashtyn Law. Dominick lives with his adorable shih-tzu, Molly Mae Evans.

Dominick is a passionate human rights activist who has extensive experience fighting for the rights of the disability and LGBT communities. A trans advocate and spokesperson, he is committed to helping the world understand and accept trans identified individuals. He is also an environmentalist who loves to eat organic and fights to free whales and dolphins from captivity.


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