A Talk with Margot Cole


Crip Video Productions’ mission is to make short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and story telling. The films are created by people with disabilities for everyone to enjoy. All films are written, directed, and produced by Margot Cole. She collaborate with able bodied people and people with a variety of disabilities for the sake of simply telling a good story. The mostly work with people who have physical disabilities. And do best to make the films accessible by adding open captions to the films for the deaf and hard of hearing.



Here are the direct links to the films.

“Drama Sighted” http://cripvideoproductions.com/dramasighted.php


“Only Those Who Limp Allowed” http://cripvideoproductions.com/limpallowed.php


“Crips Not Creeps” http://cripvideoproductions.com/cripsnotcreeps.php




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