A Talk with Margot Cole

Crip Video Productions’ mission is to make short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and story telling. The films are created by people with disabilities for everyone to enjoy. All films are written, directed, and produced by Margot Cole. She collaborate with able bodied people and people with a variety of disabilities for the sake of…

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A Talk with Dominick Evans

  Dominick Evans is in his early 30s. Born in Ohio, he grew up a child of the 80s and 90s, with a love for music, film and immensely enjoying the culture of his youth. An avid singer, Dominick started taking voice lessons in 1990. He was taught to sing, at age 2, by his grandmother, Noonie, a former singer…

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A talk with Christina Ranieri

Christina has a long history of involvement with the persons with disabilities community and is a person with disabilities as well. She is a graduate of Algonquin College in the General Arts and Science program as well as the Crisis Management/Human psychology program. She has also obtained accreditation as a Social Service worker and Developmental Service Worker. She then continued…

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Paul Brailer

A talk with Paul Brailer

My Paul Brailer, a black-belt from the Art of Karate in Barberton, Ohio and the creator of Criptaedo, a new martial art designed to educate the community of people with disabilities on self-defense and fitness. He hasn’t always had high self-esteem and confidence. Being born with spina-bifida, growing up was difficult. kids picking on me and doctors, teachers and caregivers…

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Cruising Cripples

A talk with the Cruising Cripples

Started in the fall of 2007, The Cruisin’ Cripples began as an internet radio show, focusing on disability issues and awareness, while adding their own brand of humor to the airwaves. The Cruisin’ Cripples had the honor and privilege to interview a number of different celebrities and amazing “every day” people with great stories to share. The Cruisin’ Cripples we’re…

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Karen Bowersox

Down Design

Karen Bowersox started Downs Designs four and half years ago. She has a granddaughter who was born with Down syndrome and as she grew her pants and sleeves were always too long. After looking for something for her to wear online, She realized that there was nothing specifically designed for a person with Down syndrome. Her mind wouldn’t stop thinking…

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